Welcome to Blessings and Grace – I’m glad you’re here!

If you found my website because you’re having difficult times, I’m so sorry, but I hope you find a refreshing breeze of hope in these pages.

If you’re like me you just want the good times to get better and the tough times to be OVER. Ca-put, Finished. Done. Behind you. And I pray that happens for you, with God’s grace.

In my own life, I see that God has taken me through painful times,  so that I might learn from Him and that I might receive greater blessings and grace in the trials! Who knew?

It was because of hard times that my family and I encountered, that I went in search of answers and more of God. I was most surprised to discover God’s powerful proof and promises, wonderful provisions, and good plans!

Maybe it’s the strange tough times we live in that brought you here. Who would have ever thought we would see the natural and man-made upheavals that we’re seeing? Who would have ever thought the Arctic would be melting? Crazy! Actually God knew, and it, too, is proof that His plan is in place. We must learn to see His full plan though, as GOOD, GOOD, GOOD.

Like you, though, sometimes I forget, or I wonder why it is it has to be this way and my knees knock with fear. It’s then I have to go back to God’s Word and remind myself of His goodness, love, and provisions. I have to remind myself to call on Him, in every need and circumstance. Whatever the reason for my difficulties, the more I accept the reality of where I am and my needs, and the more I open myself up to God and the more I trust Him, the more good things I receive from Him!

Wherever you are in your walk with God, I pray that you’ll be encouraged and then inspired to take action towards God and growth in tangible specific ways – maybe calling a friend who is a Christian and talking to them, maybe going to your Christian book store for a book that will minister to you in your current needs, maybe getting on your knees and telling God what you’re honestly feeling, or what your fears are, and asking for His help.

In a strange way, God requires us to participate alongside Him for the blessings we receive. He provides salvation, but we cry out to Him and seek to know and believe what He has done. For our healing, growth, and the bearing of His fruit and love we turn to His Word, call on Him, and open ourselves up to Him. He changes us, and provides, as we participate with Him.

I describe this whole new life in God as – sproutin’, rootin’ and fruitin.’

Maybe you have never called on God for His salvation and new life (that’s sproutin”). Maybe you need to strengthen your faith, possibly finding a way to read His Word everyday, (that would be rootin’); or maybe you need to grow in discovering your spiritual gifts, sharing what God has done for you with others, and ministering to the downtrodden’, or seeking to grow in peace, love, or joy, (that’s fruitin’). Where are you in this God-life? I pray that God gives ou peace, blessings, growth and grace in abundant measure!

As God’s Word says:

Grace and peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord.

–2 Peter 1:2 NIV